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Gay saunas are great places to meet discreet guys into other guys. We aim to provide a complete and in-depth guide to gay saunas in the UK for gay men so you can find the best place to relax after a hard days work.

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review by: Michaelr

I already considered Number 52 to be THE best sauna club in the North East. This feeling was confirmed during my visit there last night when, after an incident (my own fault) which left me with a (temporary) leg injury I was assisted by David, a member of the 52 team who was very considerate and helpful in helping me deal with the issue. My thanks to David,who, I believe is a true asset to the 52 family.... thank u again from me - Michael.

best thing: The helpful and friendly staff.
worst thing: I feel any of the potential "failures" of Number 52 have now been dealt with my their on-going modernisations and improvements.
reviewed on Jun 17, 2018
review by: Alan H

I visited Heroes for the first time yesterday, Sunday, 27th May 2018. It is the third sauna that I have visited and, maybe I have been a little spoiled by the other two, but I was disappointed. It definitely would rank as third out of the three. Possibly because it was Bank Holiday weekend, there were relatively few people there, but the facilities were, in my opinion, unimpressive. My overriding memory of the place is long, windy, dark corridors leading, in the most case, to nowhere.

There is a small sauna and steam room, both of which were clean and adequate, a lovely warm hot tub and a pleasant outdoor smoking area. The cinemas were OK, with the movies below average in quality, and the private rooms clean and functional. There was no dark room, so the steam room seemed to be the place where guys relaxed and played.

There is nothing about Heroes that I would count as a negative, but at the same time there is little to recommend it. If it is your 'local' I suggest that you check it out, but I would not suggest that you make a great effort to visit it otherwise when there are more attractive alternatives in the Midlands.

best thing: Clean and comfortable. Nice hot tub and steam room
worst thing: There is little to offer - unless you love corridors!
reviewed on May 28, 2018
review by: Alan H

I visited this sauna for the first time yesterday and told the guy behind the Reception that I would review it on here, so here goes.....
This is only the second ever sauna that I have been to, so I have relatively little to compare it with, but I had a very pleasant time.

The entrance is discreet and the receptionist helpful. The locker room is small but large enough for half-a-dozen guys to change in simultaneously. The showers and toilets are close by. The main features downstairs are the hot tub, which was somewhat cold for my taste and the room quite dark - it reminded me of an old-fashioned football changing rooms - the dry sauna and steam rooms, which were both clean but not quite hot enough for me, and a very well laid out relaxing area which comfortable chairs and tables, and a selection of drinks and food.

On the first floor is where the action takes place. There is a cinema room, screening mediocre films, a small outside smoking/sunbathing area, a room with a sling in and several (unused) gloryholes. There are also a number of private rooms with doors that you can either close or leave open, depending upon your tastes, and a dark rom, which was small but busy whenever I visited it.

The atmosphere around the place is friendly, with a wide range of types and ages of guys. I went on a Tuesday, which is Naked Day, so there was none of this covering up with towels silliness, so I cannot comment on what it might be like on the other days in the week.

best thing: Great atmosphere, friendly guys, clean private rooms and a busy dark room
worst thing: The hot tub, dry sauna and steam room could have been a little warmer
reviewed on May 23, 2018
review by: Smiffi1909

Had a great time there sucked some big hard cocks was never of the fuck bench one guy fucked me 3times and cum up my arse whilsti was sucking big and small cocks

best thing: Loads of sex
worst thing: Nobody should wear towels lets see the hard cocks
reviewed on May 13, 2018
review by: Bazinverwood

Visited 8pm on Monday evening, it was a bit quite with only 5 guys there but clean and friendly. Managed some fun with two guys and will visit again when in the area. Parking on the back road is easy entry is discreet so no need to be shy if visiting.

best thing: Friendly
worst thing: Quiet
reviewed on Apr 30, 2018

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