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Gay saunas are great places to meet discreet guys into other guys. We aim to provide a complete and in-depth guide to gay saunas in the UK for gay men so you can find the best place to relax after a hard days work.

If you have been to a gay sauna and have something good to say why not write a short review. If you know of a gay sauna that isn't listed please let us know!

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review by: Legend200901

Great new place, well laid out, good clean facilities. Just needed more guys and a bigger steam room. Hot tub and sauna was excellent.

best thing: Sauna
worst thing: Small steam room
reviewed on Aug 06, 2017
review by: pocdi786

Approached to the real sauna rather than others, however they're more friendliers than ugly expected.

best thing: Antique Aquarium!
worst thing: Refited as soon.
reviewed on Jul 14, 2017
review by: Neil B

On my arrival I was greeted by Trevor who was very accommodating he told me he loved my sissy maid’s outfit so he tapped my bare bottom which instantly made me hard ;)
The first person I bumped into was a well hung strapping west Indian called Winston he instantly dragged me into the gloryhole and rammed his hard throbbing cock up my arse, without any lubricant which brought a tear to my eye. Whilst I was getting aggressively buggered, a small Asian twink came into the room and bent over in front of me so I rimmed his arsehole. This all lasted for a good 30 minutes. I then spent the majority of my evening with those men, but we wanted more sex. So we found 2 Muslim men who decided to double penetrate my arsehole, during this I sucked off Winston and the small Asian twink masturbated, they all took turns jazzing all over my face. This was the last I saw of those men all evening. Just as I was leaving a group of old white males aged above their 50s asked to watch me masturbate and spunk in one of their mouths so they could cum swap, unfortunately I was all bummed out.
Overall I really enjoyed my time here apart from the bus journey home my arse was really sore, but well worth the visit highly recommend 10/10

best thing: The Sex
worst thing: My sore arse
reviewed on Jul 05, 2017
review by: J Taylor

Nice cheap place with hot guys

best thing: Large with outdoor hot tub
worst thing: Have to go to reception for condoms and lube
reviewed on Jun 27, 2017
review by: J Taylor

Lovely new sauna with a wide range of facilities. Pub on same premises so can have a drink before going into the sauna for fun. Friendly discreet staff

best thing: Cheap, open late and licensed
worst thing: Not open more days
reviewed on Jun 27, 2017

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