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Gay saunas are great places to meet discreet guys into other guys. We aim to provide a complete and in-depth guide to gay saunas in the UK for gay men so you can find the best place to relax after a hard days work.

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review by: tinty1

i still like this suana but beware.Over heard a conversation with a member of staff and a patron.I was horrified when i heard this.This member of staff said to the customer that sometimes he and his mate liked to give the ugly clients std's so they wont come back.That is really bad and very stupid. Obvisouly they dont play it safe.
If you go there just be careful but its a shame as this is one my favorite saunas.

best thing: Its run well
worst thing: Stupid things
reviewed on Jul 22, 2016
review by: Tipsy

A great little Sauna, with some busy nights. Friendly bunch always. Well worth a visit :-) C

best thing: Atmposhere
worst thing: ?
reviewed on Jul 21, 2016
review by: danboyne

This has to have some of the best facilities of any sauna.

It's a bit out of the way in the Leeds suburb of Armley. But there are plenty of buses and can even walk - takes about 3/4 hour and and go most of the way along the Leeds-Liverpool canal from Leeds railway station.

Downstairs is the changing rooms, sauna, steam room, showwers, jacuzzi and overnight rooms (at the weekend). Upstairs is for the actions - plenty of cabins, cinemas, dark rooms, BDSM rooms and relaxation places. Plenty of condoms and lube. I never leave without having fun with at least a handful of guys and I'm nothing to write home about (or a slut). There are frequent alterations and is always changing. The guys also have a regular cleaning schedule and are very friendly. It can be hit and miss whether it is busy or quiet. There are different themes each day and I've just discovered naked nights on a Monday when it has started to get very busy with guys of all ages.

The basic entry is not cheap but there are usually deals if you sign up on their website, Facebook or twitter. Sometimes deals come late on the day itself so check your emails before you go it.

The overnight rooms at the weekend are also fairly cheap and good for a sleep, cuddle or more. They range from basic pods to en suite.

My current favourite sauna

best thing: Naked night and the entry deals; the very friendly staff and guys.
worst thing: Just it's location in the suburbs (but there is car parking too).
reviewed on Jul 16, 2016
review by: misterg

It's been a long time since I've been to the Pleasuredrome, but what a magnificent sauna. This is probably the finest sauna in the UK. You go in, pay your money and head to the locker rooms, which are a bit of a squeeze and the numbering system is unusual to say the least! That said once you've past the test it is down another staircase. There are six cabins which cost a little to rent plus probably the most unusual location for showers in London, full height of the place. Really smart.
Carrying on through there is a bar area which is charming, there is a hot tub nearby and a very small very hot sauna, If you work your way past the bar you go into a little maze which leads to walk through showers - great for cock watching. Carry on through and there is a cinema and then another sauna, beyond that a very very dark room and then a steam room.
There is another way up the stairs and there is a load of quiet rooms plus lots of screens playing porn.
Now most provincial saunas are filled to the brim with dirty ugly fat old men. This attracts a far nicer crowd,lots of younger people, lots of very fit lads.
I'll not go into detail but I left with one hell of a smile on my face.
This place is impeccable, staff are truly helpful and there is a warm welcome.
It's a cut above any sauna I've been to in the UK.

best thing: The Crowds
worst thing: Nothing!
reviewed on Jul 13, 2016
review by: camguy29

I had a great time here, sucked loads of cock and got fucked by a dozen guys.

best thing: Got double penetrated
worst thing: Need waterproof lube
reviewed on Apr 17, 2016

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