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review by: gary renton

This is QUITE POSSIBLY...EVEN ACTUALLY...THE dirtiest sauna in Europe. I tried it recently, and although staff were sort of friendly, I notice a used condom discarded on the stair at the bottom. Staff too busy chatting on their phones to clean this away. Someone had used one of the private cabins as a toilet and this was not cleaned up. Nauseating and nothing done about it!

The whole building has a feeling of unlove, of old age, of decay, in many areas, a horrid, damp smell. Tatty. Scuffed. Rust. A smell of drains and toilets drifting from the upstairs loo as one sits and tries to use the internet. And this not a sexy place, too small for any real cruising.

And the men. A motley collection of fatties, freaks and other wonderful creatures. Pot-bellies, bent noses, baldness, farting, obesity in some measure, and the singing in the shower, they were clamouring at the tops of their voices like a bunch of Welsh coal-miners for their Frey Bentos dinner. Spoke to the manager about the dirtiness and he didn't care. I wont be going back to this Black Hole of Calcutta.

best thing: Located in the gay village
worst thing: Extremely dirty sauna.
reviewed on Dec 07, 2017
review by: JimboJet

Just been last evening... DO NOT GO. First off their entry prices are not as advertised on the website - £20 is the entry fee NOT £14. Place is in complete disrepair, sheets of paint peeling off ceilings and walls. Private areas have mats that are all ripped, with inner foam soaked in others’ juices and have detritus around the mats. Locker room is rusty as hell. I checked out a number of the open lockers to see if they were all in such bad repair and they all were; some off their hinges. A small of the staff are little Princesses... with a very passive aggressive manner that obviously puts people off, hence the lack of investment in maintenance. I was aggressively challenged why I was so interested in the state of repair of the lockers and openly called ‘Shady’; bit rich as the website has false prices advertised, and accused of opening lockers that belonged to other people! As my continued membership and patronage was clearly not welcome I politely handed back my membership card and asked my details to be deleted to be told, "Okay, I will just give it to someone else". Think the Data Protection Act will have something to say about that. Very VERY INDISCREET statement, and if a true practice totally illegal. TERRIBLE place avoid!!!

best thing: Sme nice staff and clientele
worst thing: The lack of Data Protection Act compliance then the state of repair and the Prissy Princess
reviewed on Dec 02, 2017
review by: timbo

After a long absence, I paid a visit to Lad's Locker Room in Bristol on Tuesday October 23 2017, the first naked day after what they had proudly claimed on their Facebook page was going to be a "partial refurbishment". They added "WE WILL BE MAKING FURTHER IMPROVEMENTS OVER THE NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS” i.e. by November 3.

A refurbishment was certainly overdue.

What had they done, I wondered, as I walked in?  

Had they cleaned the place up, I wondered? 
Had they tidied away the floor mops and the hose used to top up the jacuzzi?
Had they fixed the showers to bare even the slightest resemblance the attractive blue tiled ones displayed on their website?
Had they cleaned the jacuzzi?
Had they fixed the steam room to produce sufficient steam to keep it steamy?

No.  None of these things.

When I got there I found that the three showers were still drab and dirty, and one of them was still hanging off the wall, rusting as it had done for over a year. There was still very little hot water, and then only after a lot of fiddling with the geriatric controls, and a long cold wait. 

If they had tried to clean the jacuzzi, they had failed. It stank. The switch on the wall that operates the air pump was broken and had to be fiddled with to make it work.

The steam room was stone cold. Even after the helpful door man “rebooted” it when I complained, the steam was sporadic and inadequate and required the switch on the wall to be pressed endlessly.  I have been to over 40 Gay saunas around the world, and this one continues to have the worst steam room I have ever been in.

So what had the owner done while the place was closed for four days?

He had knocked a hole through a wall to provide access from the reception area to the lounge area.


Why did he bother, I wondered? There was already a perfectly good doorway between the two, about two steps along the same wall.

What a waste of time and money.

The potential clientele in Bristol must exceed that in Swindon and Newport, because its population is three times as big as either of them, and yet the clientele is a fraction of that in that in those towns.

Let’s, for a moment, compare Lads Locker Room to Touch in Swindon. Touch is clean, stylishly decorated, and well maintained, because the enthusiastic young guys who own it know that repeat custom comes from looking after your customers, making them feel that they are valued, and treating them with respect by providing good reliable facilities. They have invested their time and money in it. As a result, customers willingly go back again and again. That is why it is generally busy with guys of all ages, and always so on a naked Tuesday. This is why it it profitable.

Consider the Greenhouse in Newport, another clean, tidy, well run, well maintained gay sauna within reach of Bristol. Always packed on a naked Wednesday and plenty busy at other times.

The owner of Lad's Locker Room is called Mathew. Mathew spreads himself around as a director of 14 companies at the last count. I’m not sure if he is competent to direct any of them. As far as Lad's Locker Room is concerned, he has demonstrated since he bought the place about three years ago, that he is not.

When I arrived on Tuesday October 23 2017 after the partial refurbishment, there were two customers. Two. Why so few? Because since Mathew bought it, this place has never ever failed to disappoint. 

I withheld this review for several weeks to give Mathew a chance to finish his refurbishment or at least announce his plans to do so. He has not, so I can only assume Lad's Locker Room remains awful and that Mathew has no intention of improving it.

Mathew, I understand that you are targeting the drunken late night weekend crowd. Perhaps that is why you don't care that Lad's Locker Room looks like a pig sty. Perhaps late on Friday and Saturday is when you make your profit. You cannot possibly do so at any other time.  I have been there at all sorts of times, and the place has never been busy.

Mathew, why don't you do yourself a favour, by thinking about your customers? It is directly in your financial interests to provide a clean, well decorated, fully functional gay sauna. So far you have failed miserably, and it is only because there is now zero competition in Bristol that Lad's Locker Room is still drizzling along at all. 

What a waste of a facility!

Mathew, where is your pride? Where is your business acumen?

I CHALLENGE YOU to respond.

best thing: it sclose to where I live
worst thing: very badly maintained
reviewed on Nov 15, 2017
review by: paul89

This pace should be closed down. Shocking what goes on inside. Went in to use the Sauna, had old men following me and making sexual suggestions, then the owner came into the saunna and was getting upto allsorts with a customer.. disgusting... close it

best thing: Nothing
worst thing: Full of dirty old men
reviewed on Oct 26, 2017
review by: Hairy__Bear

This is not the large venue listed. It is quite small, but OK if you want steam, heat and a soak. Cinema and Cruising is V limited, so those who like group action will be disappointed

best thing: Compact
worst thing: Scummy jacuzzi
reviewed on Oct 22, 2017

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