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Gay saunas are great places to meet discreet guys into other guys. We aim to provide a complete and in-depth guide to gay saunas in the UK for gay men so you can find the best place to relax after a hard days work.

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review by: Eric

Ace clean and well presented good facilities. Five quid in and pass out same day. So was able to have two visits on a hot sunday. Hot guy in a steamy shower room and w/s fun mmmmmm. Lube condoms and nice video room for an intimate moment all well clean and comfy.

best thing: The owners approach sensible money and free soft drink great. No photo no robbing membership costs
worst thing: Nowt to find fault with once it gets known its gonna be hot. Only opened fortnight
reviewed on Jun 25, 2017
review by: Pablo

Clean warm friendly. Nice guys welcoming you in and showing around. Good facilities and nice layout. Gloryholes and private cabins. Condoms lube available from safety steve.

best thing: Free soft drinks nice people and a fiver entry till 1am too
worst thing: Can't fault it
reviewed on Jun 25, 2017
review by: PrivateMYY

What has happened to The Greenhouse - Darlaston???

I Remember going on a Wednesday 2/3 years ago and being Fuckeddd 17 times in one afternoon in the cellar. Was back there recently at the same time on a Wednesday and noboby!!! Where have all the Tops gone?


best thing: Was AMAZING a few years ago ; )))
worst thing: Not so good now ; (((
reviewed on Jun 23, 2017
review by: cyberfox24

I've been coming hear for years when it was called the Cottage Health Spa (I think thats what it was called) to be honest when it was owned by the previous owner (Shaun) he extended it and put lots of other facilities such as the hot tub, cinema room steam room and tv room etc and extended the dark room into the other part of the loft - he spent a lot of money on it. However, when he sold it it has got dirty the steam room as not worked for I would say about year maybe longer they seem to keep the mop bucket in there now, the hot tub does not get cleaned out as often as it should - the water tends to be rather murky, I don't feel comfortable to go in there - on the plus side the the upstairs is better although they have changed the cinema room and it is harder to get comfortable now - the dark room is ok for what it is the everything else is fine to be honest - they really need to spend some money on improvements I would like to see it be the best in Bristol they have the space there they just need to utilise it and get the facilities back up to scratch!

best thing: Sauna, and the dark room the the hot tub if it were cleaned out more often!
worst thing: Steam room not working
reviewed on May 14, 2017
review by: annjum

I am writing this email with deep regret.

I visited the Greenhouse on the Friday the 24th of this March after a short break. I have disgusted to see the downfall of the Greenhouse. The whole of the Greenhouse has gone downhill. There are various reason in my knowledge and they are:-

1. The after 9pm price had risen from £10 to £14.

2. The attitude of the reception / bar staff needs to be improved at lot.

3. As I was dressed in T-Girl attire, I requested the key the the girls room. The key had no locker number of it. I literally had to check / go through all the lockers to find the right locker appertaining to the key I was given.

4. The girls room was cold. A table had been put in the middle of the room making is uncomfortable, that made the movement of the girls in the room very tight.

5. On my way up, I was harassed by the group of Asian men, who had congregated at the top of the stairs. Hold me, pulling me towards them, one also made a comment the his uncle is randy and wants me to service him. I was very polite and got myself away from them. But every time I went past them, there were sexual comments made. I did not wanted cause any stir, I decided not to go past them again.

6. One of the entrance to the rooms had a noticed that "No heels allowed: I did got no in at all.

7. There was no supply of condoms and lube.

I cut my visit to no more than 30 minutes in absolute shame. I felt the it was a big waste of money.

What happened to the good staff like "H" and bobby?

best thing: Nothing now
worst thing: The attitude of the staff at the reception and the bar staff.
reviewed on Apr 12, 2017

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