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review by: annjum

I am writing this email with deep regret.

I visited the Greenhouse on the Friday the 24th of this March after a short break. I have disgusted to see the downfall of the Greenhouse. The whole of the Greenhouse has gone downhill. There are various reason in my knowledge and they are:-

1. The after 9pm price had risen from £10 to £14.

2. The attitude of the reception / bar staff needs to be improved at lot.

3. As I was dressed in T-Girl attire, I requested the key the the girls room. The key had no locker number of it. I literally had to check / go through all the lockers to find the right locker appertaining to the key I was given.

4. The girls room was cold. A table had been put in the middle of the room making is uncomfortable, that made the movement of the girls in the room very tight.

5. On my way up, I was harassed by the group of Asian men, who had congregated at the top of the stairs. Hold me, pulling me towards them, one also made a comment the his uncle is randy and wants me to service him. I was very polite and got myself away from them. But every time I went past them, there were sexual comments made. I did not wanted cause any stir, I decided not to go past them again.

6. One of the entrance to the rooms had a noticed that "No heels allowed: I did got no in at all.

7. There was no supply of condoms and lube.

I cut my visit to no more than 30 minutes in absolute shame. I felt the it was a big waste of money.

What happened to the good staff like "H" and bobby?

best thing: Nothing now
worst thing: The attitude of the staff at the reception and the bar staff.
reviewed on Apr 12, 2017
review by: Martymcfly

Disappointed. It used the be pretty good, but going downhill. Never much COCK I like and some people get a bit pushy.
Serious repairs needed, jacuzzi is broken, lights broken
Staff are friendly.

best thing: Convinient location
worst thing: Quiet
reviewed on Apr 01, 2017
review by: shefflee

Fantastic. being done up and long opening hours. Great areas. Late sessions are great..

best thing: Jacuzzi
worst thing: Can't think
reviewed on Mar 16, 2017
review by: 17Belfast

I used to go to this place years ago when it was The Cottage, then The Village. Let's face it, it was never the best sauna in the world. Now it is competing for the title of the worst in the world.
I was there early Saturday evening. There were maybe 6 other people in the place and I can see why it was not busier. The steam room was not working, the Jacuzzi was only half full of water. The floors in the shower area and the sauna itself were filthy to the point that I really was not happy to walk on them.
The cinema room was showing a bad copy of some 1970s porn, clearly a copy of a copy of a copy of a VHS film.
What have they done to the lounge area? For some reason they have taken away the sofas and put in high stools so there is nowhere to chill out in the time that you don't want to cruise the upstairs area.
It is probably three years since I have been to this place. It will be at least as long before I go back.

best thing: Location
worst thing: So dirty
reviewed on Mar 05, 2017
review by: Rangers19670

I go to blackpool about 6 times a year ive been going to the Aqua sauna for years i love the place the staff are lovely i was there 2 weeks ago met a guy there only been in there about 10 mins he had me in steam room didnt take him long to cum in my ass guys if you want cock or ass go to Aqua best sauna in country

best thing: hot guys all ages lovely staff and big cocks
worst thing: sometimes it can be quiet
reviewed on Feb 14, 2017

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